Candace Scharsu Photography - North Vietnam, Tibet, India


Globalization and tourism has tragically transmogrified the Black Hmong people into tourist guides and street hawkers.

-- Candace Scharsu, Sapa, North Vietnam (Chinese border) 1993

Candace Scharsu Photography - North Vietnam, Tibet, India Candace Scharsu Photography - North Vietnam, Tibet, India

Hand-pulled rickshaws aren't relics of colonialism, but the best transport during the Monsoon, when even the governor uses them. Banning them on humanitarian grounds to comply with the attitudes of Western investment and development executives is unconscionable. It will put nearly 6,000 of India's poorest out of work, without a substitute for making a living; and a cultural and historical part of the fabric of this unique, vibrant city will be lost.

-- Candace Scharsu, Calcutta, India


In 1950 the majestic and spirtual country of Tibet was invaded by China claiming sovereignty over it, while the world took a pass on Human rights, and gave lip service in its defense.                                             -- Candace Scharsu, Tibetan Monastery

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