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South Sudan is born July 9, 2011
The 54th African nation…196th country….193rd member of the United Nations.

Candace Scharsu - South Sudan
Candace Scharsu - South Sudan

After catastrophic civil war since 1955, Salva Kiir, wearing his trademark cowboy hat, was sworn in as President, witnessed by heads of state, diplomats and dignitaries from around the world. The oil rich, though poor, black Christian and animist people of Southern Sudan gained their freedom from the dominance of the Arab Muslims of Northern Sudan. Neither the expectation of danger, the tightest of security, nor the stupefying heat of Juba could dampen the jubilance, muffle the jovial ululations, or stop impromptu street parties. Many painted their bodies in their new flag’s colors, others hoisted flags skyward, while others showed off their traditional ethnic garb, but ALL lost themselves in frenzied dance. Indefatigable spirits remained high under a blistering sun and a 10 hour ceremony which ended in paying homage to the sacrifice and resilient determination of the Sudanese Peoples’ Liberation Army (SPLA) for their emancipation, as they unveiled a statue of their deceased leader, Col. John Garang (1945-2005).

- - Candace Scharsu

          Candace Scharsu - South Sudan   Candace Scharsu - South Sudan     Candace Scharsu - South Sudan
  Candace Scharsu - South Sudan   Candace Scharsu - South Sudan
SPLA Security
SPLA Brigadeer General Joondor Deng.


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