"There are no lepers, only leprosy, and it is curable."    -- Mother Teresa, Calcutta

It could be cured if it weren’t for corruption in the affected countries, which misappropriate donors funds. Leper colonies are closed to create the illusion that it’s being eradicated, and these pariahs are cast out to fend for themselves in a world that abhors them. Only the religious sector comes to their aid. --Candace Scharsu
Candace Scharsu Photography - Haiti
Candace Scharsu Photography - Haiti
Leprous Leonine appearance with nasal deformity
    Candace Scharsu Photography - Haiti     Candace Scharsu Photography - Haiti  
Deformities are caused by accidents because lepers lose their sense of touch due to nerve damage. Fingers are caught on fire, cut, stabbed, stubbed, and broken till they’re chiseled to nothing; and toes nibbled off by rats while they sleep.
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